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A Healthy 2017, But How Do You Know?


Happy New Year!! You’ve made the resolutions, and now it’s time to implement them.   Get back to the gym, get your prayer life back in order, start eating healthy, and make sure that what you’re doing is working.   Unfortunately by the time that the first February edition of the Photo Press rolls out, a majority of you will be back to the same old same old.  It would sure help if you could track your progress and show that what you’re doing is actually working.   Tracking your weight can help, but as anyone who has done this knows, the plateaus, hills and valleys can be discouraging or misleading.  If you’re really trying to improve your health, how can you tell?

When it comes down to results in your health, the gold standard has always been blood tests.   Blood tests can be used to track your cholesterol, your blood fats, thyroid, immune system, liver and kidney function, inflammation levels – just about everything.  And if you understand functional medicine, then you can even detect information about your adrenal glands, your stress levels, your brain function, etc. But blood test results are just numbers.   And numbers need somebody to interpret them and tell you, the patient, what it means.   Since we have started doing our own blood draws at Burtis Chiropractic Center, we have had so many people tell us they already had their blood drawn at another facility but it came back normal.  (By the way, the reports we generate on your blood tests are 30 pages long and include vitamin and dietary recommendations so you know what to do to get your health back.) So what do you do when you don’t feel well but you are told your “numbers are all ok”?

Let’s use the thyroid gland as an example.   We see this all the time; people get their thyroid tested and are told it is ok.   We ask them to bring in their blood test results and we see just one “thyroid” test, TSH.   TSH stands for “Thyroid Stimulating Hormone”.  There are a couple of problems here.   TSH isn’t really a thyroid test.   TSH is made in the brain (the pituitary gland to be precise). It is part of a multi-step feedback loop that responds to how the blood looks to the brain (in a part called the hypothalamus), but TSH doesn’t really tell you how the thyroid gland is health-wise.  To really test the thyroid gland, you need a complete thyroid panel.   To be straightforward with you, I have yet to see a facility perform a complete thyroid panel on a patient who has come to me for thyroid problems. A complete thyroid panel would check up to eight different things.  Anything less than that and you are guessing at the missing steps.

I have seen too many people being prescribed thyroid meds when their problem isn’t in the thyroid.   Their lack of results proves this.   They get their meds, the numbers that they do check improve, but they still feel tired and old. Something as simple as supplementing with a mineral called selenium has taken care of many of these people.    Sometimes it is more complex such as when signs point to a rubidium deficiency.  And quite often the problem isn’t in their thyroid at all, but in their adrenal gland (which is most often really a brain issue, but more on that in a future article).

At Burtis Chiropractic Center we look at these things from a “Functional Medicine” model.  That means we look at the big picture, not just a couple of numbers.  It means understanding that the thyroid is connected to the adrenal is connected to the ovary is connected to the liver is connected to the… you get the picture.  That’s one reason we began to do our own blood draws in our office – to give patients who want that kind of approach a local doctor to go to.  The system we use here goes through a computerized analysis to not only tell you what is wrong but also makes recommendations as to which supplements and vitamins you can turn to for real help.

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, “The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing you have always done but expect different results.”   If you are looking to change your health in 2017, but are tired of not getting any results, change what you’re doing.   Try a functional medicine approach.  The numbers don’t lie, unless you are only using a couple of them.   When you do, it all adds up.   And the answer to the equation is better health.


BONUS:   RESEARCH UPDATE on Nexium and Prilosec

For those of your who are still following Larry the Cable Guy’s advice to keep taking stomach acid blockers like Nexium, Prilosec, omeprazole, etc.,  not so new research published this past February has more bad news for you.   People taking these stomach acid blockers have a 44% increase in dementia, and a 16% increase in myocardial infarction (heart attack).   This is INSANE!!   If your doctor still has you on these medications ask them why. There are healthy and effective natural options.   If they still want you taking them FIRE YOUR DOCTOR!!  Unless you want to look like Larry the Cable Guy.

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