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Fruits and vegetables are the source of many vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that may help protect you from chronic diseases. Most Americans do not consume nearly enough. Not including potatoes, the average American gets a total of just 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Optimal food intake suggests we should consume 4 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruits, depending on one’s caloric intake.
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is undoubtedly an important part of a good diet. Almost everyone can benefit from eating more, but getting a variety is as important as quantity. All fruits and veggies are not the same. Not only do they contain vitamins and minerals, some are full of phytonutrients (pronounced fight-o-nutrients). Red, green, yellow, and orange vegetables, along with citrus and berries, soybeans, flaxseeds, and garlic are examples that have a good amount of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are neither vitamins nor minerals but are active elements that form the pigments found in the skins of these types of fruits and veggies.
It’s being proven in clinical trials that phytonutrients boost the immune system, help the body to heal itself and are packed with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants diminish the negative effects and numbers of free radicals found in our blood. Free radicals have a negative impact on our body, causing cells to become weak and less active. Antioxidants help cell regeneration by eliminating free radicals, this keeping our bodies highly immune to outside diseases. Antioxidant pigments have been found to reduce heart disease, cancer, and other ailments that are the result of oxidative damage.
Having the time to locate the variety of fruits and veggies our bodies need is one thing, but knowing exactly what we need can be even more difficult. Imagine yourself standing next to the vegetable section in your local grocery store; aside from knowing what quality and variety your store carries, do you have any idea which ones are the most nutritious? All these questions and more are very important when it comes to supplying your body with what it needs. Fresh fruits and veggies are not cheap and if you choose the wrong ones, you could be just wasting your money, while leaving your body deficient.
Providing yourself with a quality supplement can alleviate a lot of the unknown and time it would involve to find them and incorporate them into your daily meals. Dynamic Greens is a fantastic option because it gives the servings that you need as well as the variety of fruits and vegetables that are most beneficial. It provides a “super blend” of 100% natural fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamins, flax lignans, ionic trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and symbiotic intestinal flora. It has no wheat, dairy, preservatives, MSG, stimulants or caffeine and is diabetic safe. It detoxifies the body and improves immune function. With almost 50 different freeze dried super foods, it contains 15 certified organic foods and 70 trace minerals to offer powerful antioxidant benefits. You can’t go wrong with this great of blend super foods!


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