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Children's Supplements

Children’s Supplements


Nordic Berries

Everyone knows how important vitamins are for growing kids. Many parents figure one is as good as the rest. The truth is you get what you pay for. Many discount kids vitamins are manufactured abroad where guidelines are not enforced. Many children’s multivitamin’s have been shown to contain LEAD! Dr. Burtis has spent many hours researching a good professional grade supplement along with a great tasting vitamin. He has finally found one its Nordic Berries. Nordic Berries is a chewable multivitamin rich in vitamins,minerals and antioxidants, this delicious sweet and sour citrus taste of cloudberries supports good nutrition and wellness. These are a great multivitamin for ages 2 years and older.  Each serving provides your growing child with ten of the most essential nutrients, including zinc and vitamins A,B,C,D3 and E. They are  pectin based and gelatin and allergen free!

While many young children are picky eaters, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have nutritional deficiencies

OmegaGenics DHA Children’s

DHA is one half of the well-known EPA/DHA combination of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.  In children, DHA becomes especially important in that growing neurons and new connections rely on DHA to form the best connection.  In children with ADD/ADHD proper DHA levels become especially important in ensuring the optimal balance between an over-stimulated brain and a calm happy brain.


 Kids Need these Vitamins!

Vitamin A: improves eye health, repairs damaged tissues
The B vitamins: boost metabolism, produce energy
Vitamin C: fights infections, reduces the duration of colds
Vitamin D: improves bone, heart and brain health
Calcium: builds strong bones and teeth
Iron: needed for red blood cells, stimulates muscle growth

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