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Dr. Burtis’ Articles

Get to the root of your low energy [June 2023]

How chiropractic benefits athletes of all ages and abilities [May 2023]

How chiropractic can benefit babies and pregnant moms [April 2023]

How to maintain a simple, healthy diet [March 2023]

The Importance of Heart Rate Variability [February 2023]

Putting the U back in resol-u-tion [January 2023]

The Best Results Come Naturally [December 2022]

Hiccups, Muscle Cramps, Hearing and Other Interesting Chiropractic Cases [November 2022]

All In for Your Best Health [October 2022]

Sugar Substitutes – Not So Sweet [September 2022]

PCOS Protocol [August 2022]

Sick and Tired…of Feeling Sick and Tired [July 2022]

This One’s for the Dads [June 2022]

Health Springs Eternal [May 2022]

Chiropractic Care for Moms and Babies — A 30-Year Tradition [April 2022]

March is National Nutrition Month! [March 2022]

A Personal, Individualized Plan for Your Best Health [Originally published in the Fairmont Photo Press’ Family Health & Wellness Guide]

Give Your Heart Some Love [February 2022]

2022: A Year for Transformation [January 2022]

Make Sure Your Christmas Treats Treat You Right [December 2021]

Transgenerational Healthcare [November 2021]

Alzheimer’s…Cured. [October 2021]

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands [September 2021]

Your Child’s Best School Year Ever [August 2021]

This One is For the Vets [July 2021]

For the Dads [June 2021]

May is for Moms [May 2021]

Instant Health & Wellness … Not! [April 2021]

Pediatrics & Chiropractic — A Natural Connection [March 2021]