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SeroSyn and Trancor - April's Supplements of the Month

During the month of April we are putting mental and emotional health in the spotlight.  For that reason we are featuring two supplements that are very important in aiding natural mental relief.

While both supplements promote a relaxed state of mind, Trancor focus is on encouraging a sense of tranquility for those who worry a lot or are overly nervous or anxious.  SeroSyn helps calm your mood while endorsing restful sleep.


If you struggle with getting restful sleeping or staying positive throughout your day, SeroSyn might be an option for you!

Designed to support positive mood and a restful, relaxed state through beneficially modulating the metabolism of serotonin.

  • Supports healthy production of the neurotransmitters gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and serotonin, with clinically effective levels of L-5-HTP and L-Theanine.
  • Theanine is considered to have a calming effect
  • Provides Asian gingseng, an herbal adaptogen traditionally used to increase the body’s resistance to stress and promote a sense of well-being.
  • Provides Chinese skullcap to help protect against oxidative stress, support healthy cytokine activity, and support central nervous system health.
  • Supports healthy methylation, homocysteine metabolism, and neurological function with targeted B vitamins – including biologically active L-5 methyltetrahydrofolate (l-5-MTHF) and methylcobalamin.


Does worry and nervousness stop you from living life to the fullest?  Trancor could give you the kickstart that you need to begin feeling like yourself again.

Formulated to support a sense of tranquility in those who may feel worried or nervous by beneficially modulating the balance between the calming influence of GABA and the excitatory effects of glutamate.

  • Supports a sense of tranquility by modulating the balance between glutamate and GABA with NAC, green tea catechins, and vitamin B6
  • Taurine and EGCG may enhance the metabolism of GABA.
  • Supports relaxation and a sense of calm with magnesium and vitamin B6
  • Designed to act centrally, within the brain, this formula features the amino acids NAC and taurine—which research suggests may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

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