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The 2015 Detox Protocol

Congratulations!   You have officially survived another year.   The holidays were great, Aunt Fern’s cookies were amazing, and we all know calories don’t count during Christmas. And then there’s New Years, when we indulge because we will begin new resolutions tomorrow.   Well,   it’s beyond “tomorrow”, how are you doing?   Still going to the gym? Don’t waste that membership, and remember, NO EXCUSES!!   It’s called “Anytime” Fitness for a reason!!

One thing that may hold you back as you pursue a new you is the toxins your body has accumulated over the past year. Fat soluble toxins tend to get stored in your fat, making it hard to get rid of. And if your body’s detoxification pathways are already overloaded, the fat is probably going to stay there. More importantly, if you are carrying all those toxins in your body, you cannot and will not be as healthy as you can be. One of the biggest weapons in your body’s self-defense arsenal is a wonderful molecule called glutathione.   But to manufacture glutathione you need another molecule called n-acetyl cysteine, more commonly known as NAC.

So how does NAC work?   NAC is again the shortened name of n-acetyl cysteine.   The cysteine portion becomes part of a molecule called glutathione.   The cysteine is the “rate limiting factor”, meaning if you don’t get enough cysteine in your diet, you are not going to make enough glutathione. Glutathione is the master detoxifier of the body.   Dr. Mark Hyman has called it the “mother of all detoxifiers”. There are over 117,000 medical articles written about it. It binds to toxins and heavy metals so your body can excrete them through your urine. It is used all over your body to do the lion’s share of detoxification.   Deficiencies in glutathione have been tied to Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, autism, cancer, liver disease, and more. People with Parkinson’s Disease have low levels of glutathione.   Alcoholics and cigarette smokers have low levels as well, making them more susceptible to sickness.

Researchers are beginning to understand why many of these conditions become chronic and do not resolve despite diligent medical treatment. As you use up glutathione you come under “oxidative stress.   This may actually disable the “thermostat” called Nrf2 that turns on enzymes that make glutathione. Thus, in conditions such as asthma, Nrf2 “burnout” may prevent glutathione formation, which makes you more susceptible to all those conditions and more vulnerable to the negative effects of tobacco and alcohol.

You can increase your body’s store of NAC in a number of ways. You can consume more foods rich in sulfur, such as garlic, onions, broccoli and cauliflower. You can drink protein shakes made from whey protein. Methylation products such as B6, B12, and folate will also increase glutathione by driving the methylation cycle in that direction. Exercise also boosts glutathione.   You can actually receive glutathione injections, but unfortunately this only lasts about eight hours and is quite expensive. The best way to get in a highly effective and reliable manner while keeping costs down is to take NAC.   60 mg a day is the recommended dose as your body can’t really handle much more than that a day.

This is not some fad thing, or a trendy detox product from the latest multi-level marketing group. NAC has been around for years and is a proven nutraceutical.   NAC has been recognized for some time now by health care professionals. It is actually used in emergency rooms for Tylenol overdoses. In one study of NAC and influenza, only 29% of people taking 600 mg of NAC a day had had flu symptoms as opposed to 79% in the placebo group, making it more effective than the flu vaccine.

At Burtis Chiropractic Center, we frequently use NAC in our detoxification program. By combining a healthy nervous system and healthy nutrition, patients see a swifter and more effective return to greater energy and vitality. In addition to NAC, we advise organic locally grown produce, grass-fed beef, Culligan (or some other high quality) water, lots of fresh air, and a clear spine. If you follow these steps along with proper supplementation, a toxin-free body can be yours!

If you have seen that your other attempts to get healthy and stay healthy have failed, you are probably not paying attention to your nervous system or your body’s detox system. Remember to turn to qualified experts using pharmaceutical grade products. Resolve to do that, and it will indeed be a Happy New Year!

-Dr. Scott P. Burtis

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