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The Most Important Garden

By now your garden is lookin’ good.   You’ve planted, fertilized, watered, and weeded.   You may have even talked to a few of your plants! (My son Parker would often say, “It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work”.) The results of all your labor?  A beautiful garden, fresh gorgeous flowers, or amazing tasty vegetables. The fruits of your labors made manifest in front of you!

I remember my childhood growing up in Belle Plaine and putting in lots of time in the garden. It was work, but it was also fun. And there was nothing better than fresh tomatoes or strawberries that you had a hand in growing. My father would remind us that God supplied the seed, and we supplied the labor – a good partnership.

I am reminded of gardens when people ask me about their health. Quite often the advice they seek from me is the same advice they would offer others when asked about a successful, healthy garden. However, many people who connect their garden’s health with how they care for it do not make the same connection when it comes to their own health. They “get it” when it comes to their garden far more than when it comes to their health.

Think about a symptom like spots on your tomatoes. We all know how a ripe red tomato looks delicious. We must bite into it to really know, but we also know that a blighted or discolored tomato just doesn’t look good to eat. If I suggested that you just get some red spray paint and cover up the spots, you would think I was crazy! It may look better, but it would taste worse, be less healthy, and no one in their right mind would do that! But we treat our bodies that way, don’t we?

How about if we planted our watermelons in rock-hard ground and the rain never came. Would you get a hypodermic needle and inject water into the seed? Or put a huge pile of fertilizer on it instead? How about we go and buy some Sevin and put it on the roots? Or let’s say we clip some branches so everything else grows better?

Or…… how about we try planting in some better soil, or give it some water, since that is what it is lacking in the first place? (That Bible parable applies to our physical health as much as our spiritual health!) The suggestions I put forth in that last paragraph border on ludicrous, and yet that is how we treat our bodies in many ways when we are sick.

We take pain pills to cover pain. We take water pills to lose water weight without giving a second thought to why we are retaining water. We go on diets to lose weight instead of just focusing on eating healthy. The very fact that some 5-hour energy drinks are so popular proves that we just don’t understand. Is there a 5-hour energy drink for your garden? Of course not, no one would ever buy such a quick fix. Everyone knows that a healthy garden takes time.

Next time you are faced with a health issue, think about how you would approach the same problem in your garden (or your pet for that matter). And remember that chiropractic has always been about long-term correction, never the quick fix. We have always encouraged patients to look at the big picture and not just their immediate symptom. With proper chiropractic care, good nutrition, and functional medicine, your body can be as healthy as your garden!

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